Wrapping Up “The Strike” (Part 3) – what’s worth fighting for?

All week long, I’ve been seeing this on my “to do” list: write (this) weekly email.

I’ve been trying to be consistent about sending these since the year began, and have gotten some really complimentary comments from some of you (thank you!!!), so I know they’re a good thing to do … but I HATE writing them!

You probably have a few regular tasks that feel the same – you keep putting them off until you absolutely HAVE to bang them out, and until you do, they’re always lurking on your list, on your mind, or maybe even keeping you up at night because you know when you wake up tomorrow, it’ll still be there, reminding you that you STILL haven’t done it yet.

What a waste of energy! Am I right?

I’m not quitting these emails, but it’s time for me to acknowledge that they’re a soul-sucking drain on my energy that could be better used elsewhere. I’ll still be sending you regular notes that will hopefully hit an inspiring chord with you, but I have GOT to change up the format … and/or maybe send them less frequently than every week.

So I’d like to wrap up my “On Strike” series more simply today. [Just in case you need to catch up, here’s what happened (On Strike, Part 1) and how I benefited by quitting my usual duties for a full week (On Strike, Part 2).

Just like I’m feeling drained by how obligatory these weekly emails have become, I was feeling drained the week I “quit” by the buildup of my everyday duties managing our home, my work, distance learning, and what felt like a million other things. I felt like I was “on” all the time, and I was resentful that just about every task or process in the house seemed to have to come through me, 24/7.

As you’ve probably done at some point, too — I snapped.

And, rather than feel guilty, I suggest that such a wake-up call should be worth something — a true “disruptor” to a situation that’s clearly not working for you.


Recognize that your meltdown has been triggered for a reason – there is some value that’s being stepped on here that needs to be advocated for.

I mean, it’s not JUST about a towel not being picked up, or having to always double-check details. What’s really worth fighting for here?

For me, my bottom line was that I needed to have childcare and household responsibilities more fairly distributed, and a better sense of respect among all three of us when it came to helping each other. So we talked about it, redistributed some duties, and today — one month later — we’re still sticking to the new boundaries I set. Things feel SO much better, and there’s less drama settling arguments when our new rules aren’t being followed.

If I had simply gotten over my tantrum, cooled off with takeout and Netflix, and tried to start over as usual the next day, the same cycle would just keep repeating itself over, and over, and over … (repeat x 16 years)

Instead, we disrupted the pattern, stuck to a new “experiment,” as I called it, and everybody agrees that we are all benefiting from the change.

‘Cause when mama’s happier, EVERYBODY’s happier.


  • What does this bring up for you?
  • What situations are you tired of navigating EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY?

It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?

Especially when EVERYTHING feels hard: managing work, life, and family responsibilities … a constant whirl of decision-making.

How do you even start to untangle the multilayered roles you play each day to make life simpler and easier?

That’s why I’m changing things up a little.

For a limited time, I’m offering you a free 60-minute consult so we can look at your exact situation, identify what makes the most sense to start changing, and see what impact it could make in your everyday life.

If you take advantage of this offer, you’ll get the most impactful elements of my Pandemic Permission Slip Package — the 5-minute, multiple choice questionnaire evaluation, and the one-hour problem-solving consult — so you can walk away with a clear idea of what’s worth taking a stand for.

I’m making this scheduling link valid for one week only (but you can schedule it for any time during the month of April).

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Hope to talk to you soon!

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