Too Busy to Cry? I Feel Ya.

I’ve been thinking about this email all week, but am so “bleh” and uninspired to write some poignant, powerful message like I try to. (I mean, you’re nice enough to read this, so I feel I owe you something good for your time!)

But I *am* feeling nostalgic, sad, wistful, and all other kinds of things wrapped into one, because THIS meme hit me hard every time I saw it the past few days:

Many friends were posting it, so I had seen it a few times, but it was Friday morning when it really hit me. I was making my bed, checking a notification, scrolling a bit, and I saw it again.

Alone upstairs, I collapsed into my reading chair and recalled walking Emma to the school bus that last Thursday, telling her to enjoy the day as much as she could because they might be closing school down for awhile “soon.”

I thought she’d at least have the next day, too, but no — that was her last day in school, in first grade … the grade I had taught for 5 years and loved so much, and was so excited for her to experience. That was our last “normal” day before everything changed.

I could feel a surge of tears coming on, and was going to let it flow, when suddenly the thunderous, elephant-like cacophony of Emma doing P.E. in the dining room interrupted my breakdown.


The moment was lost.

All weekend I could feel the heaviness, the sadness, the tiredness slowing me down, but I never did find a “good” time to cry it out again.

So, instead of a lesson to share, I have a question — how do you get yourself to cry when you know releasing the pent-up emotions would be good for you?

I’m hoping to get it over with sooner rather than later. I know it’s affecting me and my ability to move forward while waiting for the picture to get brighter (which I am indeed hopeful and excited about).


Sorry to be a bummer this week! Just trying to keep it real.

One lesson I can reiterate from my email last week is to find the people or activities that unfailingly lift you up at times like these.

I trust myself to “let it go” and wail when the moment is right, because I have trusted friends (and even colleagues) I can look to if I have trouble coming back to myself.

If you don’t have any go-to stress relievers or energy boosters, or you keep delaying actually doing them, let’s talk.

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