Here you go:

your Stop It! Smackdown Sheet and Tutorial Video

So many time management and productivity experts rush you to quit social media and other distractive, low-value behaviors as your first line of defense in the Battle For More Time.

This worksheet and video is my unique take on that not-always-effective strategy.

(You can jump to minute 4:25 in the video first to see what I mean about everyone ruling out email/social media/low-hanging-branches kind of stuff — and why it rarely works!)

Download the worksheet and check out the video to troubleshoot your WORST time-wasters and find time for the activities you wish you could do more often.

Don’t forget you can speed up the video playback to save time, or read it (with the captioning), or simply listen to it instead of sitting and watching.

Grab your Stop It! Smackdown Sheet

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