Missed My “Mother Load” Talk? Secrets Below!

I don’t know about you, but I found myself having several mini-meltdowns at the thought of all the social invitations we’ve recently gotten.

I’m grateful we feel safer now gathering with loved ones, but going from almost NOTHING in-person with other people for 14+ months … to being invited to 6 different things Memorial Day weekend … is a HUGE jump!

Personally, knowing my priorities for myself and my family for the rest of the year, I’m taking every opportunity I can to wade back into the socializing pool S-L-O-W-L-Y. It feels awkward explaining it to people, but so far everyone has been understanding, and doing things at a pace I’m ready for keeps my anxiety at bay.

But what if people AREN’T patient or understanding? Especially parents, or extended family? Well, ask yourself: whose best interests are they after in pressuring you to join them when you’re not feeling it? Make sure you at least ask yourself that question and feel that the gathering benefits the majority of the group before even thinking about changing your plans to accommodate them.


I enjoyed my “Taboo Talk” discussion with Ladan Madresehee of the event company Leave It To Me this past Tuesday.

We discussed the invisible, often-unappreciated work of motherhood, how it affects us, and what we can do about it — with or WITHOUT the help of our partners/families.

Want a 4-minute “Cliffs Notes” video summarizing the juiciest advice of the talk?

I made you a video!

Now, it’s just me talking, so you don’t have to really WATCH it … you can simply listen to it while folding laundry, brushing your teeth, etc. You can even speed up the playback to get through it faster.

Listen for:

  • (25 seconds) What you need to figure out for yourself before asking your family for help
  • (1:10) What that answer is for most of my consults and current clients
  • (2:05) How it all ties into asking for help with your Mother Load
  • (3:45) What you can do to customize this strategy for your own self and family


My main call to action these days is to have a free “60 Minutes to Solutions” consult with me.

My clients don’t have the time, patience, or focus to follow a course or program to get the help they need.

They want customized strategies, motivation, and accountability they can start on ASAP (and in a way that easily integrates with their current, already-demanding life)!

This is a great, no-strings-attached way to vent, be reassured you’re not alone, and have a very creative source to brainstorm and strategize with.


You’ll love it.

And so will I!Book it right here: https://fearlessly40.as.me/SolutionsConsult60

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