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So you’ve decided you’re in the right place.

You know you want a partner in prioritizing your time and energy so you can reduce your overwhelm, FOMO, and decision fatigue.

You want the time you spend on your work, family, and self to stop bleeding all over each other into an unrecognizable, endless grind.

You may have even taken advantage of my complimentary call to make sure I get where you’re coming from, and that we’d be a good fit for each other.

Awesome - let’s dig in!

Fair Play YOUR Way Roadmap Session



Want more Fair Play when it comes to divvying up your household’s workload?

In this 75-minute diagnostic jump-start session, we’ll lay your (virtual) cards out on the table, discuss how your load affects your ability to keep up with the rest of your life, and map out a realistic way forward — with or without your partner’s assistance.

You’ll walk away with a spreadsheet that captures your current task load, with a recommended plan of attack to reduce it.

Feel like you’ve been in “survival mode”? This reboot is customized to your needs to help you reset your “big picture” and know what makes the most sense to focus on, goal-wise, for the next 3 to 6 months.

In this 75-minute diagnostic jump-start session, we’ll evaluate different areas of your life as they stand right now, and work through some out-of-the box exercises to provide you with valuable insight and clarity. The questions from Diana’s vast toolbox have helped dozens of women like you feel confident about what’s next without feeling like you have to overthink your answers.

You’ll walk away with a meaningful sense of goals you’re excited to fulfill long-term, and an outlined plan mapping out realistic next steps for the next 3-6 months.

Reboot Session



Fair Play YOUR Way Voxer Coaching

Work your way through Eve Rodsky’s bestsellers — “Fair Play” and “Find Your Unicorn Space” — with my prompts and guidance as a certified Fair Play Method Facilitator. Consume only the content you need so you can focus on taking action on what you’re reading ASAP. 

To get started, set up a free call so I can understand your situation better, recommend the book/chapters most relevant to your situation, and determine how much “homework” you’re ready to realistically take on.

From there, we’ll connect on Voxer, an online walkie-talkie app where we can text and leave each other voicemail messages. Each week you’ll get a welcome message via Voxer with your prompts and reading assignment for the week. In addition to customized assignments each week, we can go back and forth via Voxer as needed so I can respond to your insights, answer your questions, and get you taking action consistently. 

$100 monthly includes the weekly welcome message, Voxer responses to your insights and questions throughout each week, and one 30-minute or two 15-minute “use or lose” phone calls for whenever you might want to talk something out in real time. 

Clients requesting coaching support usually do so after an introductory session, like the Fair Play YOUR Way Roadmap Session OR Life/Career Reboot Session, or as a result of a complimentary call.

The price range varies because different clients require different levels of support, depending on their goals and timeline. Shorter, less frequent sessions will have a package price with a smaller price tag than a package with longer, more frequent sessions. 

Whether we’re working on a Fair Play YOUR Way Roadmap or other goals toward lightening your load or schedule, clients will receive a powerfully motivating action plan and consistent coaching sessions and accountability to see it through.

Every element of our coaching agreement will be customized to the unique needs of the individual so the experience seems personal, energizing, and easy to keep up with.

The support package provides a 6-month, 1-on-1 coaching container where we will:

Coaching Support Package



Contact Diana or schedule a 30-minute complimentary call so she can answer any questions you might have, customize your coaching support package, send you an invoice, and get your first session on the calendar. 

As you consider the packages above, think about your day-to-day life and the difference our coaching partnership could make.

If you’re here because you identify with the typical “supermom,” you scramble through each day, reacting to nonstop demands as they come. You wish this motherhood “job” had a timecard you could punch in and out of for the breaks you so desperately need! It would still be demanding, but if you had a better sense of when each “shift” started and ended, you could pace yourself, focus better, and feel more organized.

What if you had a plan to do exactly that?

Better yet – what if you believed, with all your heart, that the bare-bones essentials you intentionally prioritized and scheduled were ENOUGH – giving you permission to slash dozens of other expectations off your to-do list?

And what if you actually got your family’s cooperation, too? What might that give you more time for?

My clients don’t have the time, patience, or focus to follow a course or program to get the help they need.

They want customized strategies, motivation, and accountability they can start on ASAP — and in a way that easily integrates with their current, already-demanding life!

Parenting is hard enough – let’s lighten your load and make this less stressful!

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