How do you want to feel next Sunday evening?

How are you? I mean, really?

Think back to a week ago — how were you feeling last Sunday evening, thinking about your week and summer ahead?

And what about right now?

Do you feel you’re managing life better this week?


The same?


Just one week ago tonight, somebody very much like you — someone busy managing a full-time job, side business, busy family, and self-care — understandingly felt overwhelmed.

And now she feels differently: “I feel calm and energized and confident in my ability to implement a schedule in a direction that doesn’t feel heavy … one that feels powerful, and energizing, and productive — but productive in a way of doing what matters, not just doing things to cross them off my list.”

What did she do to get to that calmer, yet more energized, feeling?

She prioritized getting out of her own head and trusted me enough to take me up on my special summer offer — a 90-minute “these are the answers you’re looking for” Summer Sprint Intensive.

I have 4 more spots left to book at the special price of just $197.

Would you like to feel better by this time next week? Grab one!

You can schedule your intensive for as soon as this week or as late as the end of July.


This intensive works WONDERS. The very gesture of scheduling it tells your brain, “Look out, subconscious ‘autopilot’ — I have the power to change what’s not working for me anymore!”

And then, once we get to putting our heads together? EVEN MORE POWER! This eye-opening intensive provides just the right amount of big-picture dreaming to encompass where you want to go, but with a FIRM hold on the reality of the next 6 to 9 months … giving us all the information we need to strategically pare down your expectations, delay or defer some to the near future, and focus on just a few meaningful, energy-fueling goals to work on.

That’s why last week’s intensive client feels so much better now. Once we knew what her priorities were, we were able to easily identify 4 types of “schedule blocks” she wanted to make time for throughout a typical week, and we had a great filtering system for tasks that would support those goals versus which were draining her and wasting her time.

Best of all, she has motivation to follow through, because we got a strong glimpse of her “big picture,” and she knows that improving those 4 schedule blocks will serve her not only this summer, but will also help her when changes come this fall, when she’s looking at 2022 goals, and even as far as decades from now. It all aligns.

From booking the session to getting that relief happened in less than FOUR DAYS for her. The same can happen for you — you, too, can get the relief, clarity, and easy-to-follow next steps that this intensive will bring you.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 90-Minute “Summer Sprint” intensive via Zoom or phone – get real about what’s most important for you to accomplish over the summer (with an eye to the future). By the end of the session, we’ll establish a weekly schedule that prioritizes and protects your most important work and family tasks so that you have more open-spaced flexibility for everything else.
  • Summer Sprint Starter Schedule – Within 48 hours of our intensive session, you’ll receive an electronic copy of the weekly schedule we create as well as summarized reminder bullets so you’ll know exactly what time period to prioritize first, how to make the most of it, and how to get the help you need to make it work better for you. This prescriptive, comprehensive list will be your go-to document when you need reinforcement protecting your time, holding your boundaries, and remembering why it’s so important to plan proactively – even when it feels hard.
  • (NEW!) Custom-Coded Goals Grid – On the intensive call, we’ll fill out a specially customized 4-part grid that lays out up to 20 different current obligations of your standard week and, because of our discussion, you’ll understand the WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of recommended steps to progressively prioritize, delegate, delay, or delete each to increase your enjoyment, focus, and energy this summer.
  • 60-Minute “Sprint Satisfaction” call via Zoom or phone – In this 60-minute follow-up call held 2 weeks after our intensive, we’ll revisit how you’re feeling about the stressors you started with and refine your Starter Schedule and Goals Grid accordingly.
  • Daily Voxer Access – To provide hand-holding and in-real-time support while you plug in your new habits, you’ll have me on speed-dial via the free messenger app, Voxer, where I can send you reminders, pep talks, and guidance while you can easily ask me for help via walkie-talkie voicemails – all at your convenience.

To ensure I give you the VIP focus and service I offer all my clients and REWARD you for getting a jump-start on your sanity this summer, I’m only offering 4 more of these intensive packages at this special price through the month of June (that means purchase it in June, but you can set the date as late as July 29). I may also offer it again in July, but will raise the price to $247.

Purchase HERE – $197 through the month of June (4 available)

Hoping to work with you soon!

P.S. — Maybe you don’t know me well enough to purchase from me yet. I totally respect that. Instead, I can help you get a grip on whatever overload you may be feeling through a free “60 Minutes to Solutions” session. Whatever is going on in your life, I can help map out a way for you to prioritize what you need most and unapologetically say “no” to what you’re not ready for. Set it up right here:

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