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Fair Play YOUR Way Book Club!

Fair Play YOUR Way Book Club


$97 or $497

This isn’t your typical book club — which is why it’s not free.

If you’re interested in starting Fair Play in your home, but the idea of reading the entire book and putting it all into practice yourself seems like a MAJOR lift, this action-based coaching/book club can help you cut to the chase so you can implement the MOST important parts that apply to your unique family ASAP, creating more and more time for what’s important to you as you start handing off some of your workload!

How much or how little you use the club is up to you, but there are many ways you can get what you need via one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and/or asking for help in the private Facebook group. 

The goal is to work your way through Eve Rodsky’s bestseller, “Fair Play,” design a customized plan of attack to reallocate your domestic workload, and receive support as you launch and practice new habits to change it for the better.

$97 (total) for 3 Months Plan: includes one 30-minute individual goal-setting session, customized suggested reading selections (so you DON’T have to read the whole book) given after your call with Diana, mini color PDF of 100 Cards of Fair Play to work with, access to private Facebook group for resources and community, and access to 1 monthly (evening) and 2 biweekly (lunchtime) group coaching calls every month for coaching and questions. At any time, you may upgrade to the larger plan by paying the difference.  

BONUS: FIRST TEN REGISTRANTS will be mailed their choice of the following Eve Rodsky products: “Fair Play” (book we’re reading), “Find Your Unicorn Space” (her 2nd book), or the Fair Play Deck (but please note you will get a color PDF of these cards to cut out as part of your package, so this is just a nicer set of cards). 

$497 (total) for 3 Months Plan: includes all of the above (including your choice of an Eve Rodsky book or the deck of Fair Play cards), PLUS your choice of either a 90-minute Fair Play Roadmap OR Life/Career Reboot session, PLUS two additional one-on-one 30-minute accountability/support sessions, PLUS a 7-page PDF of the Fair Play instruction manual and client workbook we’ll work through together. If you’re determined to put this system into place but know you’ll need some hand-holding and done-for-you services to keep moving through it, this is just the right size package and pacing to get started and start seeing meaningful results.  

If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact me here or feel free to book a 30-minute complimentary call so we can talk it out!

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