Don’t head back to school without this key “B”

I can’t believe it. My daughter will be headed to school tomorrow, in person, for the first time in 17 months. She’ll be in third grade this year. I don’t know how long it will last, but this year, we actually looked forward to preparing — buying new clothes, school supplies, cute

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How do you want to feel next Sunday evening?

How are you? I mean, really? Think back to a week ago — how were you feeling last Sunday evening, thinking about your week and summer ahead? And what about right now? Do you feel you’re managing life better this week? Worse? The same? YOUR LIFE COULD FEEL DRAMATICALLY BETTER

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Preserving the lockdown’s slower pace

This week’s newsletter just fell into my lap — “The Week” sent me a story preview that directly addresses the main issue I’ve heard from MULTIPLE moms just this past week. What issue, you ask? It feels like it’s happening all at once — with many COVID restrictions loosened or

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Missed My “Mother Load” Talk? Secrets Below!

I don’t know about you, but I found myself having several mini-meltdowns at the thought of all the social invitations we’ve recently gotten. I’m grateful we feel safer now gathering with loved ones, but going from almost NOTHING in-person with other people for 14+ months … to being invited to

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My Date With Eve Rodsky!

I had SUCH an awesome call with my husband and Eve Rodsky this past Friday that I’m letting myself do just a quick stream-of-consciousness rambling this week to keep you updated. Here we are! As I mentioned last week, through her New York Times bestseller, Fair Play, Eve Rodsky is

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